At EmpowerMind, instead of focusing on "learning disabilities" or challenges, we focus on each person’s unique strengths. When a 10 year old child or a 60 year old employee…a failing student or struggling employee…or anyone in between, learns how she learns, then learning becomes easy. Through our unique EmpowerMind workshops and private sessions, we encourage stepping outside the "rule" box and into their inherent greatness so each individual is inspired to thrive, fueled by their innate genius.

Kimberly Kassner, creator and founder of EmpowerMind, believes that from the time we are born we are given a unique set of talents and gifts to share with the world. These talents and gifts are our unique genius. Our God-given right is to realize these talents and have them nurtured in order for each of us to reach our potential. Society tends to put labels on individuals: "problem student," " problem employee," "Learning Disabled," "stupid." This extends into corporate America where we are again encouraged to stay in the lines and follow the status quo versus finding new paths, new ideas and accomplishing goals in the way that helps us as individuals to achieve our personal best.


Kimberly Kassner, Creator and Founder of EmpowerMind:

Growing up, Kimberly used to get in trouble for talking too much.  She also struggled with multiple choice tests, because she could see how more than one answer would fit if one shifted one’s perspective.  These “strengths” were acknowledged as her greatest weaknesses in school, yet they are her greatest assets in helping her propel individuals in mastering the game of school, business and life. 

After Kimberly graduated cum laude in Communications and Psychology from Central Michigan University, she worked for a fortune 40 company as a top performer in the country while working under 40 hours a week.  She accomplished this, while teaching the Dale Carnegie Course, by creating her own personal learning system and by mastering the corporate “game.” After 7 years she left the corporate arena and moved to San Francisco.  After watching a dramatic television news program, and seeing all the drop-outs, gang kids and drug overdoses-- she had an epiphany that she could help this toughest segment of the population succeed. She leveraged everything she’d learned so far that created the highest producing results and founded EmpowerMind with the goal of teaching this method to both students and employees. She knew if she focused on strengths and inherent talents of an individual, and also approached learning from an emotional perspective as much a cognitive one, anyone could succeed as there is a unique genius inside of everyone.

For the past few decades Kimberly has had unparalleled success in memory retention and accelerated learning with hundreds of thousands of people.  She’s been featured on over 100 radio and TV shows including:  


EmpowerMind's successes with all ages, demographics and learning styles. A few of her past clients include: