Most individuals stress about passing a test/certification or parents worry about their struggling student, the focus always seems to be on fighting and striving to beat the test. The focus is the test…the test…the test. At EmpowerMind we focus on the student/individual, empowering them to not just beat the one test but to have the tools for success on every test-in school, corporate and life-in addition automatically raising overall GPAs and grades (from even D’s and F’s to A’s and B’s).

What makes EmpowerMind different than any other tutoring or coaching support?

While tutors or coaches need to use external means to motivate-- by giving frequent long-term on-going reinforcement-- EmpowerMind teaches students how to do that for themselves while giving them internal inspiration. We also guarantee remarkable improvements within two hours!  
EmpowerMind will end those painful study nights and empower the students to dramatically improve their attitudes, test scores and the time it takes to earn the A and B grades.

The methods helps students and learners of all ages—from traditional education at the elementary, middle school, high school, and college level through those committed to passing their bar exam, CPA exam, medical boards, professional/trade certifications, etc. We teach students how they learn best by playing to their strengths, and then how to master the school/testing “game”; thus, helping them create a unique learning system specifically designed for them. 

In addition to private sessions (in-person or via Skype), custom workshops are available for schools and organizations. The EmpowerMind experience encompasses a holistic approach—mind, body and spirit —while meeting all types of students where they are.



  • Understand how they learn, in order to capitalize on their learning strengths
  • Create an organizational system that works for them
  • Master memory retention
  • Improve school test scores and GPAs
  • Improve reading and retaining textbook information
  • Reduce school and test anxiety
  • Learn to cut study time in half with greater retention
  • Improve SAT/ACT and state test scores
  • Visualize goals and what they need to do to actualize them
  • Develop study skills preparing them for the challenges of college

And much more . . .




  • Learning from Another: Because they are having so much fun engaging and playing games while learning, they notice the contrast of how inactivity or staying on screens disengages them from optimal learning and positive relationships.
  • Diet Impact: We help learners to start to notice how junk food, sugar and fast foods inhibit their full ability to perform in school and in other areas of their lives. 
  • Negative Habits: We are constantly challenging negative habits from their perspective to positive beliefs and actions.


  • Inspiration from Within: The EmpowerMind experience helps learners improve their “Emotional Quotient.” Instead of trying to motivate them from the outside, we help inspire them from the inside by tapping into the best part of who they are.  If they think negative thoughts about a class, a teacher, coach, peer or even parent—they will create negative momentum.  We can reverse that momentum, so they will feel greater empathy, compassion and respect for parents and teachers.
  • Healing Negativity: Some students have had humiliating or traumatic learning experiences and some have had mostly empowering ones. We show them how to reverse the negative toward the positive and have a live demonstration of how the negativity of thoughts and words actually weakens their ability to perform any task they are attempting to accomplish.
  • Overcoming the Programming: We prove to them by showing how past programming -- whether negative or positive-- enhances or inhibits learning.  Because they are not lectured to, but rather experience this first hand, they not only understand how to empower themselves better, but also understand how to effectively communicate with others by meeting them where they are.
  • Personal Responsibility: Understand how to take responsibility for their own learning success in and out of school

“She facilitated a powerful course about the positive influence they have within them.  She did this through practical verbal and physical activities such as memory and physical strength awareness.  She was able to empower our students, getting to see the ‘I Can’ in themselves as opposed the ‘I Can’t.’  It left them with and I can do it attitude!”

Mr. Harman Hope Academy Principal



"I’ve been writing to you for some time and sharing with you results directly related to EmpowerMind. I feel more confident, assertive and motivated.  My friends see a more positive individual and often comment on improvements in me. I am less frustrated and more sure of myself.  I have only read 4 to 5 books in my lifetime due to Dyslexia.  I was often embarrassed to join in conversations with friends about books, because I had no idea what they were about.  Now I am reading and writing on a daily basis and feel very excited about the things to come.  I have attended City College since EmpowerMind.  My life is richer and more meaningful with the tools and skills I have learned from EmpowerMind."
-Brenda Walker Police Office San Francisco

"No only did I have fun, I literally revolutionized the way I learn and process information.  EmpowerMind techniques have helped to propel me in my new job!  I have learned and retained more product information than I ever thought possible.  My coworkers and clients are amazed at how much I’ve picked up in such a short time.  I don’t even use notes anymore.  Keep up the good work!"
-John Cannarsa Account Executive Learning International, Southfield, MI

"WOO HOO! I’m a licensed class “A” commercial truck driver.  Thanks to your study techniques I made it.  My next goal, “Get through medical school!”  Your teachings really worked!"
-Les Davis Ford Employee, MI

"I realized that I could learn anything I desired to learn and more importantly with confidence.  EmpowerMind gave me the added tools to go after what I really want in life and to do it with passion and vigor.  I highly recommend this to anyone who really wants to discover what your learning style may be and how to create your passion in doing it."
-Carol Grieve, life Coach and Internet Talk Show Host, Woodland, CO

"After the concussion, I never would've made it through without your techniques . . . carrying 26 credits in Chiropractic College, with a 3.1 GPA in a world where many inch through with a 2.4.​."
-Bobbi Blair, Dallas, TX


"3 1/2 years later, I am still using the EmpowerMind® techniques I love, and the wonders have never ceased! To put it in simple terms, COLLEGE IS A BREEZE!"
 -Eric Rhoades Graduated from Dominican College with an A average

"The techniques you taught saved me on my finals, and I was able to ace finals in classes that I normally get C on their tests. This brought up my grade to a B!  I am so happy. I’ve applied it to school and to all of my life."
 -Seth Dutter College Student

"Thank you for being the person who knew the right things to say at the right time to help me find myself and my calling.  All of this wouldn’t have been possible without you."
 -Antonio Perez, Schoolcraft College, MI

"I'd dropped out of high school . . . lost all hope in myself and was really at the end of my life's rope until EmpowerMind. It changed my life forever. I received my high school diploma and entered into junior college. For the first time, I have hopes for a great future."
 -Eric Pryor, San Mateo, CA

"After I took Kimberly's course my SAT scores went up 130 points, and I skipped a grade of French!"
 -David Hughes, High School Student, Mill Valley, CA

"Thanks you for teaching me to believe that I can reach my goals, I’ll never forget the technique you taught me and I’ll always keep it in mind.  I also got an answer from the wise person in the meditation that I've met in my imagination today.  Thank you."
 -Sapingkhone Kettavong  from a YMCA Class Woodrow High School Texas

"When my mom first signed me up I thought it would be really boring. When it was time to leave I couldn’t believe that I had spent the whole day in EmpowerMind. It was amazing how easy it was to learn and use the techniques.  It was amazing how definitions and spelling stuck in my head.  I was given a lot of lines to learn in a school play.  She showed me a cool way to remember those words, and I still can’t get them out of my head.  I still use that technique for other plays or speeches."
 -Jesse Macman, Sophomore Petaluma, CA