Unlike a leadership or time management workshop, EmpowerMind is much more specialized and unique to the individual participant. It helps maximize individual performance by discovering HOW each participant individually learns and performs best from a mind, body, spirit perspective.

EmpowerMind doesn't just verbally commit to it, but rather they actually experience their personal success, outdoing any of their past performances, in the actual workshop. The consensus from participants is that they are saving 2-8 work hours per week with greater results after attending the workshop. It also includes the participants ability to e-mail the trainer for any follow up at no extra charge.


The primary goal of an EmpowerMind workshop is to maximize employee performance and productivity—ultimately improving the bottom line due to an innovative learning method that enables company participants/managers to:

  • Maximize the value of each employee
  • Achieve tangible results in less time
  • Increase content/memory retention
  • Reduce stress
  • Pass certification exams (e.g., Project Management, Cisco, Oracle, etc.)
  • Encompass greater confidence and improve morale
  • Reinforce capability and accountability
  • Polish overall communication skills—offering them a higher degree of self-reliance in all circumstances, including customer meetings, by showing them how to meet others where they are.
  • Effectively train diverse groups of employees whom require various learning techniques
  • Decrease limiting belief systems

The EmpowerMind Method:

The employee outcomes are achieved through one foundational principle. The EmpowerMind workshop helps them begin to understand how they learn best, and how they can start to create their own learning system. The workshop helps participants excel in any learning situation, and improve their performance in testing (i.e. Project Management Institute (PMI) certification exams, Cisco certification exams, Microsoft certification exams, CompTIA certification exams, Oracle certification exams, and Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) certification exams). Key elements that participants learn to understand include:

  • Right brain and left brain learning methods
  • Which senses they learn from best
  • Association for memory retention
  • Understanding how to utilize the mind more effectively
  • Understanding where other people are coming from while maximizing their communication and empathy
  • Universal problem solving process
  • Individual prioritizing system
  • How to get into the “zone” to create greater inward peace, clarity and results

While the EmpowerMind method provides a solid foundation to fuel success, each workshop is customized to the specific needs and goals of the company (available in one and two day formats).

To discover how EmpowerMind can meet your corporations specific training needs, please call Kimberly Kassner at 248-366-1960 or email

"Kimberly truly has a passion for developing people! She has created a very impactful learning system that has benefitted numerous Continental employees including senior-level leaders. Her system transcends the work environment and has been successfully applied in her students’ personal lives. Much of the feedback from her students relates to how her system has enabled them to learn very complex processes and large amounts of information within a short period of time. Also, her students walk away with tools they can apply immediately. As a result, her training has boosted the confidence levels of her students and increased morale. Many of her students rank her workshop as #1 compared to all the workshops they have attended throughout their careers. As further testimony to Kimberly’s effectiveness, Continental is planning to offer Kimberly’s workshops on a national scale! I highly recommend Kimberly, and I look forward to working with her again."

Ed Grabowski Senior Specialist Talent Management and Organizational Development for Continental Automotive

“Kimberly's "Learn How to Learn" training session stands out as one of the most dynamic, engaging, and memorable courses I have had to date. The exercises she used in the class stayed with me for several years. Recently, when I reached out to Kimberly to ask if I could observe a particular exercise she had done in my class, she graciously agreed. Thanks to Kimberly, I am now able to impart that knowledge to my leadership team at Continental. Kimberly's wisdom, enthusiasm, and approach to training are admirable, and I look forward to future Empowermind courses. 

Shelly Villaire, Executive Assistant at Continental Automotive Systems


“Not only did I have fun, I literally revolutionized the way I learn and process information.  EmpowerMind techniques have helped to propel me in my new job!  I have learned and retained more product information than I ever thought possible.  My coworkers and clients are amazed at how much I’ve picked up in such a short time.  I don’t’ even use notes anymore.  Keep up the good work!”

John Cannarsa Account Executive Learning International, Southfield, MI


“Kimberly is a dazzling display of brilliance, energy, fun, humor and insight. She is one of the best trainers/speakers in the field and she not only is a true expert in her knowledge and experience, but her passion is for making a difference in the lives of all who sit in her presence. I put Kimberly at the Top of the List of my book of Who's Who.”

Jeff Patnaude Founder at The Patnaude Group and Golden Apple Center for Inner Excellence


“WOO HOO! I’m a licensed class “A” commercial truck driver.  Thanks to your study techniques I made it.   Your teachings really worked!”

Les Davis Ford Employee