"We did a pilot study with 19 “at risk” youth.  It proved that test grades, attitudes and report card grades can improve in the most hopeless cases . . . Results exceeded everyone's expectations (teachers', students', even mine). It was a success in every category."
Nando Lacuna, high school principal, San Rafael, CA

"You did such an excellent job of modeling good teaching, meeting them where there were at, motivating, inspiring and really just pushing them to be even better. Thank you for giving them so many concrete tools to chip away at that challenge. It is unfortunately rare that we have the privilege of such a professional, accomplished and effective speaker such as yourself. To consider that even months later they are still mentioning your presentation is an incredible compliment. Thank you for allowing us to really take it to the next level."
Amika Maran, Senior Program Director, Teach for America

"I can’t tell you how powerful our students as well as staff found your session. The memory activities that showed our students that they can achieve and succeed were nothing I have ever witnessed. I have worked with disadvantaged youth for 31 years and never seen youth able to recite words through memory as they did on today’s session."
Greg Stallworth  Faculty Member, Hope Academy Cincinnati, OH

Sometimes by-products happen in this course that the kids don’t even realize.  The parents will come up and say they don’t know what happened but there’s been a complete change in their kid.  They’re acting different, they’re more confident, there’s a different energy about them.
Barbara Owens, Tam High School Teacher of at Risk kids, Mill Valley, CA

Kimberly Kassner has presented EmpowerMind to over 100 students.  They were chosen based on their low GPA and earned units toward graduation.  Students found the training valuable.  They were more excited about going back to class and understanding their school work and communicating with their teachers.  The also appeared more confident after acquiring some skills that would help improve their grades.  Some students expressed that the organizational techniques were helpful and they felt more confident about writing in-class essays. The presenters modeled how to give positive feedback and critiques and the students were encouraged to do the same.  The training really made difference.
Dorthy Burnside Program Coordinator Sequoia Union High School District.

"She facilitated a powerful course about the positive influence they have within them. She did this through practical verbal and physical activities such as memory and physical strength awareness. She was able to empower our students, getting to see the ‘I Can’ in themselves as opposed the ‘I Can’t.’ It left them with and I The techniques presented are adaptable to all subject areas. Clearly I saw evidence of this when I visited the classrooms. Teachers' lessons were more interesting; therefore, the students were more involved. Students who never received A's were now getting good grades. The training really made a difference."
Dr. Patricia Blackwell Davis, Superintendent, Sausalito, CA

EmpowerMind has made a big impact in the way I teach my students Spanish,  as a first–eighth grade Spanish teacher I am looking for ways to improve my methods.  You not only expanded my own memory skills, but you also taught me how to focus on the positive and exciting ways of reaching students from all background and skill levels.  Every child CAN learn. Its only takes finding the way to each child’s learning style.
Socorro Sotru Spanish Teacher New Morning School

Our students greatly enjoyed the program and learned memorization and study skills, interactive and cooperative skills and seemed to feel successful and more willing and able to take on the challenges of high school.  The majority of the students who completed her program returned to their referring schools and to date (4 months later) none have been referred to County Community Schools.  Some other positive impacts of EmpowerMind have included improved attention in class and steps toward resolution of long-standing conflicts between students.  In addition, staff that participated were impacted and learned some of the same skills, finding that they were helped in their personal and professional pursuits
Mary Jane Burke Marin County Superintendent of Schools

"I did an experiment with our English teacher. The kids get 20 vocabulary words and have to know spelling and definitions for a quiz at the end of the week. For new students this was their first application of what we’d been doing with EmpowerMind in class. The results were phenomenal—almost everyone student got an A (regardless of their grade, learning style, special education status, etc.) and most of them felt very confident going into the quiz. Now we’re expanding it to Chemistry; it’s all very exciting!"
Laura Axel, High School Teacher in Delaware Program at Hope Academy in Cincinnati Ohio for troubled youth

Your approach to learning is so positive that many teachers are still talking to each other about the strategies and guidelines you provided . . . This was truly a mid-year recharging of our professional batteries . . . From every faculty member, thank you!
Chaim Heller, head of campus, Brandeis Hillel Day School

You are a dynamic, attention-getting speaker and held the teachers’ attention whether for a full day or for two hours after school.  Teachers came in tired and left energized. . . .  I value the specific memory techniques and study strategies that you shared with the teachers.  They can implement these tools with their students . . ..  They will remain in our teaching ‘bag of tricks.’   . .   ..  You engrained in them that they can do anything if they have a clear goal and positive mental focus. . . They benefited personally and well as professionally.  As some staff tried your techniques and the power of positive thoughts, they shared those moments of enlightenment with the others.  You also tied your material into what we are doing at the school and made it fun every step of the way.
Elaine Yagiela Executive Director New Morning School Plymouth, MI

Your presentation caught the imagination of most of my staff members and stimulated a great follow-up discussion into the afternoon.  It is particularly noteworthy that many of my experienced faculty members were highly engaged. They are a feisty group with high standards for in-service programs.  Your presentation supports the notion that you can teach old dogs new tricks, or at least remind them of tricks that they may have forgotten.
Gerald H. Barkan, Ed.D. Head of Marin Campus Brandeis Hillel

As creators of the California Hispanic High School Dropout Prevention Project, we know how hard it is to bring forth innovative and effective learning ideas and techniques. Your methodology and techniques cross all color lines, and it an important factor to us in our work.  We look forward to working with you in improving the self esteem and academics of those Hispanic at-risk students in the Sate of California come next fall.
Margot Segura and Marine Dominguez Executive Director and Producer of the Hispanic Education and Media Group.

The students were very excited about the skills they had learned.  Three months later, the students are impressed that they still remember the skills.  The knowledge and tools the students gained are definitely self-esteem builders.  It would be wonderful if all students at San Rafael high School could benefit from this class.
Esther Kligman-Frey Teacher at San Rafael High School

Entertaining and enlightening.  New and veteran staff alike were enthused and our students will be the beneficiaries from the knowledge and techniques learned from the workshop.
Virginia Bell, Class principal Huron High School, Ann Arbor, Michigan

She facilitated a powerful course about the positive influence they have within them.  She did this through practical verbal and physical activities such as memory and physical strength awareness.  She was able to empower our students, getting to see the ‘I Can’ in themselves as opposed the ‘I Can’t.’  It left them with and I can do it attitude!
Mr. Harman Hope Academy Principal

All the evaluations were “excellent”, except one was a “good.” Several people recommended we bring you back to have more of the same!
Shirley Carter, North Lake College Professor

Since your course, almost all of the students have improved in their attitude towards school.  We have also seen improvements in their school performance.  Several have made significant gains in their classes.  By providing them with practical tools and encouragement, you have inspired many of them to achieve in school despite obstacles. The feedback from the students and their teaches has been positive . ...
Borg Klein Project Coordinator for San Rafael High School




The conference evaluations contained many superlatives relating to your performance. Words such as 'invigorating, enthusiastic, energetic, dynamic, motivating, positive, inspiring, and good communicator' were common expressions of the conference participants . . .. What a wonderful way to end a conference.!!
Larry Harlan, regional manager of California Teacher's Association

"Kimberly truly has a passion for developing people! She has created a very impactful learning system that has benefitted numerous Continental employees including senior-level leaders. Her system transcends the work environment and has been successfully applied in her students’ personal lives. Much of the feedback from her students relates to how her system has enabled them to learn very complex processes and large amounts of information within a short period of time. Also, her students walk away with tools they can apply immediately. As a result, her training has boosted the confidence levels of her students and increased morale. Many of her students rank her workshop as #1 compared to all the workshops they have attended throughout their careers. As further testimony to Kimberly’s effectiveness, Continental is planning to offer Kimberly’s workshops on a national scale! I highly recommend Kimberly, and I look forward to working with her again."
Ed Grabowski Senior Specialist Talent Management and Organizational Development for Continental Automotive

“Kimberly is a dazzling display of brilliance, energy, fun, humor and insight. She is one of the best trainers/speakers in the field and she not only is a true expert in her knowledge and experience, but her passion is for making a difference in the lives of all who sit in her presence. I put Kimberly at the Top of the List of my book of Who's Who.”
Jeff Patnaude Founder at The Patnaude Group and Golden Apple Center for Inner Excellence

"Not only did I have fun, I literally revolutionized the way I learn and process information. EmpowerMind techniques have helped to propel me in my new job! I have learned and retained more product information than I ever thought possible. My co-workers and clients are amazed at how much I’ve picked up in such a short time.  I don’t even use notes anymore. Keep up the good work!"
John Cannarsa Account Executive Learning International, Southfield, MI

We had a great program for our May meeting.  By the end of the evening, Kimberly had many in the audience memorizing a list of 20 items, she truly opened our minds.  Audience participation was great.  I would recommend her highly for our annual convention or as a trade show speaker.
Ron Leach Redwood Empire Floorcovering Association, Redwood City, CA

Kimberly provided a well received, interactive session offering our members as unique perspective on their abilities and exercises that built confidence. . .  HAP was please with her presentation and her staff’s interaction with our members.
Barbara Kopasz, Associate Vice President Health Alliance Plan

"WOO HOO! I’m a licensed class “A” commercial truck driver. Thanks to your study techniques I made it. My next goal, “Get through medical school!” Your teachings really worked!" 
Les Davis Ford Employee

“Kimberly's "Learn How to Learn" EmpowerMind training session stands out as one of the most dynamic, engaging, and memorable courses I have had to date. Thanks to Kimberly, I am now able to impart that knowledge to my leadership team at Continental. Kimberly's wisdom, enthusiasm, and approach to training are admirable, and I look forward to future Empowermind courses." 
Shelly Villaire, Executive Assistant at Continental Automotive Systems

"I’ve been writing to you for some time and sharing with you results directly related to EmpowerMind. I feel more confident, assertive and motivated. My friends see a more positive individual and often comment on improvements in me. I am less frustrated and more sure of myself. I have only read 4 to 5 books in my lifetime due to Dyslexia. I was often embarrassed to join in conversations with friends about books, because I had no idea what they were about. Now I am reading and writing on a daily basis and feel very excited about the things to come. I have attended City College since EmpowerMind. My life is richer and more meaningful with the tools and skills I have learned from EmpowerMind."
Brenda Walker Police Officer, San Francisco

My personal experience with EmpowerMind has been life changing.  This is not just a workshop for kids.  I was inspired to find my passion and follow my dreams and I am now in a place that I know is my purpose.
Ellen Chene Ready, Set. Go Training, MI

"I realized that I could learn anything I desired to learn and more importantly with confidence. EmpowerMind gave me the added tools to go after what I really want in life and to do it with passion and vigor. I highly recommend this to anyone who really wants to discover what your learning style may be and how to create your passion in doing it."
Carol Grieve, life Coach and Internet Talk Show Host, Woodland, CO

Your seminar was, indeed, thought provoking, motivating and so helpful.  Your approach to learning is so positive that many parents are sill talking to each other about the strategies and guidelines you provided.  Thank you for taking a great deal of time to help raise the consciousness of our Temple members.
Kari Provizer Director of Family Life Center Temple Israel, West Bloomfield, MI

You have a great facility for speaking to a group and for acting things out, so it was an enjoyable learning experience.  If all teaches were as dynamic and as attuned to the kids as you are, our students would likely be more empowered, encouraged and motivated than is typical.  Thank you again for sharing some of your useful ideas and techniques.
Sherry Abrams, Bay Area Parents’ Coalition

I’m a teacher at John Adams Middle School in Rochester MN.  We are building an academic skills curriculum for our students who are struggling in classes.  I have used your video on Developing a Great Memory, and they loved it.  Some of the students were repeating things in the video, as it played, and were quite surprised with the results.  I look forward to using more videos and following their progress.
Greg Townsend Academic Skills Coach 

Your session was outstanding!  The students were definitely involved and I could tell they learned some useful methods for memorizing and retaining information.  The mothers had very positive comments about your program.  It was evident by the questions you were bombarded with at the end that you made an impact.
Joya Shepard, Director of Pillars of Success Students

Our PTSA had 35 students attend EmpowerMind.  The students said they were challenged, enthusiastic, and excited to put to use the skills taught.  ALL families felt their children benefited form the seminar and highly recommend it.
Marya Wintroub PTSA President




Our daughter was formally diagnosed as ”Learning Disabled.”  She had a limited belief about what she could and couldn’t do in school.  When she finished EmpowerMind she was so excited and confident, because now she could memorize 20 words in less than 2 minutes; we were even astounded. The positive results were immediate; we’ve seen an incredible increase in her self esteem and enthusiasm for school and learning.  She put them into practice in school right away.
Yvonne St. John Dutra and Rich Dutra St. John Founders of Challenge Day Parents

Within hours my son was outperforming many of the adults present.  As an expert on ADD, EmpowerMind has the potential to help kids of all kinds discover their strengths. 
Carla Nelson, Parent and Nationwide Support Facilitator for ADD

EmpowerMind helped Elliot soooo much! He just finished his 2nd year at college with a 3.95! And he got through it with ease and not the "3 hours of studying per 1 hour of class hours." Instead he studied about half the time and succeeded extremely well.  With gratitude, 
Dr. Kyle Morgan, Parent

My son, Jud, was an A/B student except for math.  He was spending too much time on homework.  He cut his study time down in half and I didn’t have to yell at him to finish the homework.  He started taking responsibility for his own learning success and got straight A’s.  His attitude is SO different now.  . ..
Lisa VanWyk West Bloomfield, MI

My daughter Daniele who’s in the 10th grade, completed your program and for the first time made the HONOR ROLL. She used to have a C+ average.  With continued results like this, I know she’ll get into college.
Deloris Cook, Parent

My daughter Sarah had severe struggles in school and was failing or near failing ALL of her classes.  She dedicated a whole tribute to you in her school paper about the most helpful advice she ever received.  You truly inspired her in a lasting and positive way. Thank you! 
Cathy Levin-Parent

What Alyssa learned in the workshop, she has remembered and applied. She was barely getting a “C” in social studies and her last test (taken a week after the workshop ended) was a 97%!!  She was getting a “D” in Science and last week took her test and got a 96%.  Her confidence was just pouring out of her. 
Mary Keller, Parent

Thank you for so-many gifts you have bestowed upon me and my family. I am honored to take the tools you shared and share them with my loved ones; they will be affected, as were/are we.  What wondrous gifts you give.
Michelle Fastenau, Parent

My son Jonathon was having a lot of trouble in school.  He’s 13 ½.  I thought I tried everything and failed to help him.  It was like pulling teeth to get him to come to EmpowerMind, but after the morning of the first day he was already more confident.  When he came back after lunch I cried, because I was getting my son back.  After the first workshop day he got 4 A’s on tests that he would ordinarily fail.  He says it’s all because of the workshop.  He is continuously doing better week by week in school.  There are no words to describe who much help you can do for people.  
Frances Lunch Newport, MI

You guaranteed results within the first 2 hours.  Ross and I were amazed by the results. Ross was so excited at what we discovered.  The people that I have spoken to ask the same question, “What’s her secret?” 
Cheryl Dehoney-Parent

My son Eric is an A student.  He used to study 4-7 hours a night on homework.  After taking EmpowerMind he cut his study time by 2/3rds and he’s even getting better grades.  Angel, my daughter, was having a terrible time in school with reading, spelling and overall confidence.  She has had a 360 turnaround.  English has gone from D & F to A’s and B’s.  Her attitude has changed dramatically and she has a higher self-eteem.
Angel Rhoades, Parent, Mill Valley, CA 

EmpowerMind sounded too good to be true.  They guaranteed that if I wasn’t satisfied in two hours, I could get a full refund.  I had nothing to lose. Our memory retention skyrocketed (even mine) in the first two hours.  We found out how we learn and how to filter information through our strengths and not focus on our weaknesses.  We left motivated and inspired.
Carol Abrams, Parent

Frankie’s grades went from failing to science B, History B, Foods A, English A, Math D+ and Football A and Tylor was nominated for student of the month and has the highest grade in his math class.  Thank you so much!  
Frank Pineda—Parent

Andy loved the workshop and can’t wait until next Saturday.  Every time we’d talk about it, he be smiling or laughing.  What a beautiful thing!!  I should have did this a long time ago.
Rhonda Dorchak –Parent

Alex and I had a great time at your workshop.  He talked about it all night, and e-mailed his friends.  I believe his comment was, "It’s amazing how fast seven hours goes by when it’s so interesting."  We can’t wait for next week!  
Elke, Parent

Nathan’s had a rough couple of years with his dad in prison and what sent him to prison.  I believe some very positive seeds were planted and it will be my ob to water them.  I can’t wait to get my older son in the workshop.
Pamela McKinney- Parent

"EmpowerMind raised the self-esteem of my child more than anything we have ever done . . . This program is a total package, teaching children also to handle emotional factors that at times can impede learning."
Barbara Somach, Parent, San Francisco, CA

"EmpowerMind was the greatest experience that my son and I had together; it bonded us in an unbelievable way."
Ben Gerber MD, Michigan 

Since the workshop Ricki decided to run for President at this school, something he’s never, ever even thought about!    He’s started the semester off real well, doing his homework without me reminding him.  Without your workshop I don’t think he’d feel that he could tackle the private school.
Terri Andres-Parent




"3 1/2 years later, I am still using the EmpowerMind® techniques I love, and the wonders have never ceased! To put it in simple terms, COLLEGE IS A BREEZE!"
Eric Rhoades Graduated from Dominican College with an A average

I am thankful for the opportunities that are given to me. I took a workshop called, EmpowerMind.  It helped me tremendously in school and in my work.  Now I feel more confident in life.
Alyssa Keller, Marin, CA

When my mom first signed me up I thought it would be really boring. When it was time to leave I couldn’t believe that I had spent the whole day in EmpowerMind. It was amazing how easy it was to learn and use the techniques.  It was amazing how definitions and spelling stuck in my head.  I was given a lot of lines to learn in a school play.  She showed me a cool way to remember those words, and I still can’t get them out of my head.  I still use that technique for other plays or speeches.  
Jesse Macman, Sophomore Petaluma, CA

"After the concussion, I never would've made it through without your techniques . . . carrying 26 credits in Chiropractic College, with a 3.1 GPA in a world where many inch through with a 2.4.I know EmpowerMind is the reason I did so well and passed my licensing exam by the Nation Board of Chiropractic Examiners."
Bobbi Blair, Parker Chiropractic College, TX

"I'd dropped out of high school . . . lost all hope in myself and was really at the end of my life's rope until EmpowerMind. It changed my life forever. I received my high school diploma and entered into junior college. For the first time, I have hopes for a great future."
Eric Pryor, San Mateo, CA

"After I took Kimberly's course my SAT scores went up 130 points, and I skipped a grade of French!"
David Hughes, High School Student, Mill Valley, CA 

The techniques you taught saved me on my finals, and I was able to ace finals in classes that I normally get C on their tests. This brought up my grade to a B!  I am so happy. I’ve applied it to school and to all of my life.
Seth Dutter College Student

I think God brought us together for some special reason…I got all A’s.  I’m really proud of myself.  You have the power to change anyone.
Rachel Juvenile Hall in Oakland County, MI

"That was the best training session I have ever attended. I feel completely rejuvenated, refreshed and full of new ideas."
Richard Kaczanowski, Staff, Juvenile Hall, Oakland County, MI

"It was the best program that entered the hall."
Ms. G., Peace Officer, San Francisco Juvenile Hall

Thank you for being the person who knew the right things to say at the right time to help me find myself and my calling.  All of this wouldn’t have been possible without you.
Antonio Perez, Schoolcraft College, MI

Thanks you for teaching me to believe that I can reach my goals, I’ll never forget the technique you taught me and I’ll always keep it in mind.  I also got an answer from the wise person in the meditation that I've met in my imagination today.  Thank you.  
Sapingkhone Kettavong  from a YMCA Class Woodrow High School Texas

After finding that I could understand biology, something happened (along with your reading strategies) and now I am beginning to understand the material.  YOU have been a real life saver to me.
Janice Cassetta High School Student