Training Teachers and Trainers

Kimberly has not only trained thousands of teachers, but has also trained trainers to replicate her two day workshop. 

“I was so astonished by how quickly elements of the EmpowerMind workshop provided me with crystal clear realization as to how I learn best, that I had to find some way to join this burgeoning educational phenomenon – and I enthusiastically went through Kimberly’s Training the Trainer program.  It occupies my personal file folder labeled “BEST Educational Experience of My Life!”   
Benn Perry – Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Award-Winning Author of Escape from the Plastic Prison

“I used your motivation suggestions in my classroom and taught the 20 word memory technique, and the most dejected kid in the class was able to do it!  He was flippin’ stunned at himself, and I was near tears.  It was such a cool moment to see the light bulb turning on for the kid though, I can’t even explain it.  I also tried the role-playing concept with my incorrigible science class today. The kid I chose really understood how his behavior affects others now.
Gary Abud, Lance Cruz HS Science Teacher, and “TEACHER OF THE YEAR” for Michigan

“My personal experience with EmpowerMind has been life changing.  This is not just a workshop for kids.  I was inspired to find my passion and follow my dreams and I am now in a place that I know is my purpose.”
Ellen Chene Ready, Set. Go Training, MI

“You did such an excellent job of modeling good teaching, meeting them where there were at, motivating, inspiring and really just pushing them to be even better.  Thank you for giving them so many concrete tools to chip away at that challenge.  It is unfortunately rare that we have the privilege of such a professional, accomplished and effective speaker such as yourself.  To consider that even months later they are still mentioning your presentation is an incredible compliment. Thank you fro allowing us to really take it to the next level.”
Amika Maran, Senior Program Director, Teach for America

“Our students greatly enjoyed the program and learned memorization and study skills, interactive and cooperative skills and seemed to feel successful and more willing and able to take on the challenges of high school.  The majority of the students who completed her program returned to their referring schools and to date (4 months later) none have been referred to County Community Schools.  Some other positive impacts of EmpowerMind have included improved attention in class and steps toward resolution of long-standing conflicts between students.  In addition, staff that participated were impacted and learned some of the same skills, finding that they were helped in their personal and professional pursuits.”
Mary Jane Burke Marin County Superintendent of Schools

“Your approach to learning is so positive that many teachers are still talking to each other about the strategies and guidelines you provided . . . This was truly a mid-year recharging of our professional batteries . . . From every faculty member, thank you!

Chaim Heller, head of campus, Brandeis Hillel Day School”

“You are a dynamic, attention-getting speaker and held the teachers’ attention whether for a full day or for two hours after school.  Teachers came in tired and left energized. . . .  I value the specific memory techniques and study strategies that you shared with the teachers.  They can implement these tools with their students . . ..  They will remain in our teaching ‘bag of tricks.’   . .   ..  You engrained in them that they can do anything if they have a clear goal and positive mental focus. . . They benefited personally and well as professionally.  As some staff tried your techniques and the power of positive thoughts, they shared those moments of enlightenment with the others.  You also tied your material into what we are doing at the school and made it fun every step of the way.”
Elaine Yagiela Executive Director New Morning School Plymouth, MI

“Your presentation caught the imagination of most of my staff members and stimulated a great follow-up discussion into the afternoon.  It is particularly noteworthy that many of my experienced faculty members were highly engaged. They are a feisty group with high standards for in-service programs.  Your presentation supports the notion that you can teach old dogs new tricks, or at least remind them of tricks that they may have forgotten.”
Gerald H. Barkan, Ed.D. Head of Marin Campus Brandeis Hillel

“The 7th grade class did extremely well with EmpowerMind techniques in some specific subjects as science and geography.  I had some kids get “A’s” and B’s that had never gotten those high grades before.
J. Barni (7th grade teacher) from pilot

"The techniques presented are adaptable to all subject areas. Clearly I saw evidence of this when I visited the classrooms. Teachers' lessons were more interesting; therefore, the students were more involved. Students who never received A's were now getting good grades. The training really made a difference."
Dr. Patricia Blackwell Davis, Superintendent, Sausalito, CA

“I did an experiment with our English teacher. The kids get 20 vocabulary words and have to know spelling and definitions for a quiz at the end of the week.  For new students this was their first application of what we’d been doing with EmpowerMind in class.  The results were phenomenal—almost everyone student got an A (regardless of their grade, learning style, special education status, etc.) and most of them felt very confident going into the quiz.  Now we’re expanding it to Chemistry; it’s all very exciting!”
Laura Axel, High School Teacher in Delaware 

“That was the best training session I have ever attended.  I feel completely rejuvenated, refreshed and full of new ideas.”
Richard Kaczanowski, Staff – Juvenile Hall

“It was the best program that entered the hall”. 
Ms. G., Peace Officer, San Francisco Juvenile Hall